Today’s blog title comes from one of our Notaries extraordinaire, Jackie Woods-Jefferson. She owns and operates a successful loan signing business called SAFE Signing. She is also a Notary and Loan Signing Instructor for Notary Public Seminars, Inc. She has created a list of seven essentials for a Mobile Notary to be aware of while on the job.
Let’s begin!
1) Prior to accepting an assignment, always make sure you understand the type(s) of documents you will be asked to notarized during the appointment.
2) Always review your documents prior to arriving at your signing appointment.
– Make sure everything is in its right place, and that you have the correct documents.
 3) Always carry additional loose certificates with proper notarial wording and blue & black pens.
– Mobile Notaries are always prepared.
 4) Be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early to your appointments.
– This will give you time to set up before the signer(s) arrive. 
 5) If you are uncomfortable with a meeting location, don’t hesitate to request an alternate location.
– Always go with your instincts!
6) If you are working for your own clients, always collect your fee from the signer prior to notarizing any documents.
-If you are working for a signing service, you will be paid directly by that signing service. 
7) Never forget your Notary supplies!
-Notary journal, thumbprint pad, Notary seal, receipts, and your handy ID guide.