By Carrie Christensen

Buddhism mind training, called Lojong, has 59 Slogans that can help keep your thoughts peaceful and productive while facing challenges with notarizations and building your loan signing business. Adding a little Buddhism philosophy can also help change your attitude towards those you work with and uplevel your productivity.  Here are five slogans which I find particularly helpful:

“Work with your greatest obstacle first”

Get the task, phone call or project you least want to deal with out of the way first to avoid a gray cloud hanging over your head all day. This will free your mind from the dreaded task as quickly as possible.

“Don’t ponder others” 

Spending time thinking about others serves no purpose except to distract and potentially create unpleasant feelings. Sometimes Notaries face situations that they would rather not deal with, such as a rude client. What’s important to remember is that getting the job done effectively is your only goal. Once completed, let it go. No need to let negative situations rent space in your head by replaying them over and over.

“Don’t get caught up in how you will be in the future, stay in the present moment”

When your thoughts are of the future or the past, you are distracted from the present moment. When you’re with someone who seems distracted, it can make you feel unimportant. Your clients feel the same way. Make sure you give them the time and focus that they deserve just as you would want. By staying present, you remain aware of your thoughts, your attitude and what needs to be done next.

“Don’t hold grudges or malign others”

Negative thoughts seem to beget negative thoughts. Refusing to let go of offenses and speak critically of others will create more negative feelings for you and those involved. Releasing these thoughts can create an authentic and fresh approach to your clients and workmates.

“Don’t bring things to a painful point”

Maybe, a signer is just “so wrong” in how they talked to you. You might have every right to give that person a piece of your mind. You should wait until you are calm and find another way of taking care of the situation. Maybe you’ll simply decide to write an email calmly explaining what you require to continue notarizing for that person. Or maybe, you’ll simply let it go and red flag him on your client list.


The essence of Buddhism is mindfulness which these strategies demonstrate. Getting there may be challenging (although there is no “there.”) It’s, instead, a practice you develop every day that will enhance your interpersonal skills. It’s important not to judge or rate your progress. Just stay committed and stay awake.