Document signers must sign your journal for each notarization even if they are signing ten identical documents. If you are notarizing each document that means you must complete ten journal entries that corresponding to each document. Loan signings are no exception. It is not enough to indicate “loan documents” under “Title of Document.” Notaries must list each document in a separate journal entry. When two signers are signing ten loan documents, that would make twenty entries in your journal.


If a notary journal entry is requested by the Secretary of State’s office and only one entry is completed for a set of loan documents, the notary could be fined or have their commission suspended or revoked. Each journal entry should indicate the name of the signer, their ID information, the title of document and signature every time along with the additional journal required information.


Your clients may need a copy of your journal entry for legal reasons after the notarization. Make sure you’re giving them the most complete picture possible by making your journal entries correctly. Also, because your journal is also a public record, a member of the public can request a copy. Most importantly, it protects you, the notary as your journal indicates that you followed all the notary laws that are required of you.