This month, we’re sharing Jerry Knoester’s Notary Story. Jerry took his first class with us twelve years ago and we’ve gotten to know him pretty well over the years.  As a Christian and a Notary, Jerry experiences his mobile Notary work in unique ways. He told The Notary Journal why he loves being a Notary.

As a retired Human Resource Personnel Officer, I need to keep my mind sharp and focused during my retirement status. Being a Notary helps me to do just that. One way I like to accomplish this is by reading Notary publications, primers and joining Notary groups to stay on top of Notary standards. But, that’s a small benefit.

In reality, I love helping people by serving the public, including the homeless.  One of our local churches has an annual Homeless Connect project.  Homeless people need ID cards, birth certificates and applications that need to be notarized.

I also go to skilled nursing homes when a Notary is needed and I meet people who love to see and talk to visitors, who would like someone to talk to, a gentle touch, a caring ear to listen, and it warms my heart to be able help them.

Sometimes I go to homes where I’m the only visitor or person they have seen or talked to in weeks. Once I went to a home in another city to notarize a Power of Attorney and a medical directive for a man who had two weeks to live. Unbeknownst to me, the wife and daughters had prayed for a Notary who was Christian to come to their house. I arrived at 9 pm. It was dark. The farm house was in the middle of a corn field. We sat and talked for a while before I did the notarization. The family was sitting with me around the kitchen table and we talked of the healing power of God, His love and care and shared scripture verses. After the notarizations were completed, we prayed together. I felt honored to be available to fill this role.

I am able to meet so many neat and wonderful clients and each one has a story, a need, and it feels good to help meet that need. I also meet people with interesting careers such as city leaders and politicians, I get to hob knob with them for a minute. It gives me so many connections and the inside track in their circle of influence.  As I do loan signings, it opens up doors and more income. My services are well-established and recommended by banks, UPS stores, the Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses. Another great benefit is that my mobile Notary Service gets me out of the house. It’s a good excuse to weasel out of a “honey-do” job!

I see my Notary and loan signing business as a ministry where I can help the helpless, the forgotten, the needy, the hurting, the lonely. It’s not the money for me, it’s the effect I can have on my community. If I ran for city councilmen, I have no doubt I would be elected because of the number of people I’ve met and knowing how to navigate through city government. But, that isn’t my calling. I simply enjoy being a Notary Public servant.

Jerry Knoester

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