Happy Friday Notaries! Did you know that the Secretary of State has now issued a “Change of Address” Application that Notaries must fill out if they have changed their address? Alex Padilla has made the process super simple by creating this form, which closely follows the new application form. Instead of having to write a letter indicating the address change, all you have to do now is fill out the new “Change of Address” form and mail it in. Remember, you need to inform the Secretary of State within 30 days if any information provided on the original application has changed. Click here to download the “Change of Address” form. There is no fee for a change of address, however the completed form must be mailed by Certified Mail to:

Secretary of State, Notary Public Section,
P. O. Box 942877,
Sacramento, CA 94277-0001
Have any questions? Feel free to email us: info@notarypublicseminars.com