Hard Cover Notary Journal



“Quality is apparent in the design and materials of the cover and binding and in the layout of the journal. The durable cover is perfect bound making it virtually tamperproof. The layout of the journal is logical, easy to follow and very user-friendly. Contains a combination of blank spaces and check boxes facilitate the entry of personal identifiers such as passport information, driver license numbers and additional information on credible witnesses. Thumbprint spaces are provided on the right side of each entry.”

Color: Navy Blue with elegant silver lettering

Contains: 127 Pages and 480 entry spaces, included are instructions and examples

Ink-less Thumbprint Pad

“The pad contains a clear, colorless solution that when imparted to the journal, develops a black permanent thumbprint. Your client simply touches their thumb to the pad then into the thumbprint space in the journal and the thumbprint appears. This means there is no need for wipes or tissues giving your client a clear and clean experience!”

Color: Black

Executive Style Clean Print Hard Cover Notary Journal

(Ink-less thumbprint pad included) 

The most important tool that you need now that you are a Professional Notary Public!