Starting Your Mobile Notary Business

By Carrie Christensen – Carrie knows a thing or two about building a business; she started ours on her own over 20 years ago! This week, our fearless leader brings you helpful tips for starting your very own mobile Notary business.
So, you have your Notary commission and now you’re wondering how to set yourself up for business and attract clients. If you are willing to make the time and monetary investment, getting your mobile Notary business off the ground can be quite lucrative. Here are some tips to help get your entrepreneurial groove going!


Setting Up

Get ready to receive clients by having the equipment required for success. You’ll need a laser printer and a fast computer with cable internet for downloading large loan packages.

Having a smart phone is ideal. This allows you to email, text, and call while on the go! Be sure to download a GPS system on your phone to always reach your signers on-time.

Investing in Your Business

Bookkeeping Software
You will need to keep track of appointments and bookkeeping. NotaryAssist is a comprehensive software that keeps track of all your appointments, invoices, receipts, and tax items so that your operations are handled easily and efficiently. We are such fans of what they do that we have partnered with them to get our students special discounts on their cloud based software. Click here to check it out and sign up when you are ready. Use coupon code: 204NPS412

Search Engines
More and more people today are using search engines like Google to search for Notaries. Investing in a website will make it easier for clients to find you. Software companies now make it easier for anyone to use. There are even companies who let you build a website for free like Wix or WordPress. We personally like WordPress for its convenience and functionality!

Business Cards
Have Business cards made with a list of your services – Design a logo or ask a local art student to come up with one. Your logo should be on your business cards, invoices, and website. Always carry your business cards with you where ever you go.

Renting Office Space
Most Notaries work from home. We recommend renting an office space only if you have an additional business such as copier services or a paralegal company, etc. To make your Notary business stand out, offer services above and beyond what others might, such as after-hours and weekend availability.  Be sure to price your services to make it worth your while.

Advertising Your Services

Social Media
Start a Facebook page and post interesting content on a consistent basis. Looking at other Notary Facebook pages for inspiration always helps. Ask people to share. Set a goal of obtaining a certain amount of “friends” per week. Join LinkedIn to make connections with businesses in your area. Pay attention to your profile and update often. You can also use Craigslist! By posting your affordable rates and services daily, you can obtain clients for little to no cost.

Talk it Up
Tell everyone you know about your mobile services. Word of mouth still works and people are more likely to use your services if someone they know referred you. Pass your cards out while Talking it up.

Join Networking Organizations
Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce is a great first step. Go to meetings, meet new people, pass your card around, get an idea of how these networking organizations work  Also, join your favorite community service organizations.

Advertise with NPS will help clients find you. We have become known as a leading provider of education and supplies in California. We advertise our products and services across multimedia platforms which creates traffic to our site that helps our Notaries get business.

Cold Calling in Person
Make the rounds at local banking institutions, mortgage companies, Title Companies, real estate offices, law practices, credit unions, government offices and neighborhood companies. Hand out your card, get their information, and add them on social media. Follow up with a phone call to make sure they know you are serious about your business.

Your business may take a little time to build up but the rewards are worth it. And there’s no better person to invest in than you!