Always on the mind of an entrepreneur is the question, “Where do I invest my marketing dollars?” Attending seminars, lectures and expos can expose you to strategies that might lead to increased revenue.  The NPS staff attended the Small Business Expo last week in Los Angeles looking for effective marketing options and hoping to spur some business creativity.

Carrie Christensen, CEO of NPS said that it was good to be reminded that the key to marketing is to know who your audience is. “We have been placing ads on social media which might be too broad base of an audience for what we’d like to accomplish which is exposing our programs to as many potential students as possible. Although, over time, I believe it would bring in the results we’d like to see.”

The expo, produced by Bill Walsh of Power Team International, held several classes promising to teach people how to make more money by signing up for additional classes. The expo was free, which fueled every speaker and vendor to ask you to buy services or products such as coaching sessions or marketing consulting monthly. While the NPS staff says they were tempted,”It was too much money to commit to after such a brief lecture. I would want to sit down, one on one, and discuss what their offer could specifically do for our company,” stated Christensen.

Christensen felt she got the most from a mini-workshop called, “The 3 Simple Steps to 10x Your Productivity.” The speaker asked the class to figure out their purpose for their small business such as empowering people to live healthier lives or making people happy, (which is Disneyland’s mission.)  ” If you have no core purpose, you are not being authentic in what you’re doing,” Christensen reiterated. “I started NPS because I loved public speaking, but it turned into something quite different. My core purpose is to help people make money, that’s what I enjoy doing.”

Notable sponsors of the event were Mircrosoft, Vistaprint, and Geico. This particular expo is held annually at locations around the country. Check out their website if you are looking for ideas for your small business: