If you don’t know, it’s probably a good thing! Notary Public Seminars offers Supervised Visitation Provider training (formally known as Child Visitation Monitor). Trained providers are hired to accompany and observe a noncustodial parent’s time with their children. There are several reasons a judge orders monitored visits. Sometimes a parent’s divorce experience is contentious making custody agreements impossible. If there are accusations regarding domestic violence, child abuse, neglect and substance abuse, a judge will usually order monitored visits until custody can be sorted out.

A Supervised Visitation Provider is helpful when a parent is estranged from their child/children. They assist with the reintroduction process or when a parent has no prior relationship with their child/children. In on-going custody cases, parents are evaluated by a psychologist. Based on their findings, the judge will determine permanent custody arrangements.

NPS started a supervised visitation agency called Angels in Attendance many years ago. Our first client was a pedophile/flight risk who had visits with his two teenage children once a month. The court order had indicated the provider should carry a gun. This was an extreme case, uncommon in fact. Although challenging, we were determined to provide a safe environment for his kids. One of our students who applied to work with us was a former parole officer and was permitted to carry a piece. We hired him immediately.

But, that wasn’t enough in our minds. The job entailed monitoring two kids. If, for example, a friend of the father’s whisked away one child away, the provider would be forced to chase down the kidnapped teenager while the other teenager remained unprotected from the father. We decided to hire an additional provider at our own expense. It was our first case, we were nervous and wanted to cover all bases.The custodial parent was worried as well. One of the problems from the custodial parent’s point of view is trusting your child’s life to a stranger, a new provider. I spent enough time on the phone with her to understand the situation without seeming partial. Neither parent should feel that you favor them or the other parent as a provider’s job is to remain neutral.

We never experienced a problem with this tough case. We proved that we were prepared and capable of providing protection to these kids in a very unfortunate situation.

Advocating for children can be especially rewarding and challenging in this profession. One of the biggest hurdles is boredom, observing without interaction is not for every personality. But for those that are self-disciplined and possess an ample amount of common sense, this career might be worth pursuing.

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