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It can happen to anyone… the realization that you have lost your Notary Journal. You start to panic and think, “Oh gosh, what should I do?” We are here to help! Remember that our Preferred Notary Association members enjoy access to unlimited on-going support for help in situations like these, including having access to a form just for this specific circumstance! Log in and click here to access. Our social media venues are also filled with insights, tips, and occasionally even giveaways (links are at the top left and bottom of this site)!

So, you lost your Notary Journal and you don’t remember what to do. That’s okay. Below are some basic instructions to help guide you through the process.

First things first – you must immediately notify the Secretary of State by certified or registered mail. This is to ensure proper delivery. The notification should include the following:

After you have sent the notification to the SOS, you should get your hands on a new journal and pick up right where you left off. You can purchase one here!

Phew, that wasn’t too scary… Still got questions? Shoot us an email!