We’ve  all used Yelp at least once to search for restaurants when we’d like to try something new, but have you ever thought of listing your Loan Signing Agent business? Only 25% of Yelp’s businesses are restaurants, leaving the majority of listings in all other categories. Doing a search on Yelp in the LA area has more than 50 Notary listings, many with multiple reviews, which suggests that people are consulting Yelp to find local Notaries. Adding “Loan Signing Agent” to your description can boost your exposure.

One of Yelp’s best features is the ability to interact with your reviewers. It can give your company a personal feel by providing your customers accessibility. If ever a negative review is posted, take it as constructive criticism and respond diplomatically. Explain how you can and will fix the problem. “Social Media Examiner” writer, Brian Case, likes the metrics graph.“Here you can gather key insights about your Yelp presence. You can track the amount of traffic your Yelp profile receives and also see how many times your business showed up in search results on Yelp.”

To start, find your business name and claim it. It’s probably already there so it’s better if you control it. Start to build your profile by adding content and quality pictures- make sure the content is eye-catching and the pictures are not blurry. You can also search other profiles to get ideas. It would befit you to include the link to your website and Facebook page, this way customers can get a better sense of your services. Think about also including positive reviews to your other social media sites. With over 142 million users monthly, why not take advantage of free advertising for your Notary & Loan Signing business?