Congratulations Notaries!  Beginning Jan. 1, 2017 you may charge $15 per notarization thanks to Assembly Bill 2217. The bill, written by Assembly Member David Hadley (R-66), stated an increase in Notary fees from $10 to $15. The campaign to get this bill passed was grounded in the support of Notaries who made their voices heard by writing, calling and posting on social media to spread the word. Governor Brown signed the bill on August 17, 2016, making it official. It’s an important message to Notaries that their work is valued and they should be compensated for their efforts. The last raise for Notaries was in 1993 from $5 to $10.

The following is the fee schedule as contained within the bill that will go into effect next year:
Section 8211 of the Government Code is amended to read:
Fees charged by a notary public for the following services shall not exceed the fees prescribed by this section.
(a) For taking an acknowledgment or proof of a deed, or other instrument, to include the seal and the writing of the certificate, the sum of fifteen dollars ($15) for each signature taken.
(b) For administering an oath or affirmation to one person and executing the jurat, including the seal, the sum of fifteen dollars ($15).
(c) For all services rendered in connection with the taking of any deposition, the sum of thirty dollars($30), and in addition thereto, the sum of seven dollars ($7) for administering the oath to the witness and the sum of seven dollars ($7) for the certificate to the deposition.
(d) No fee may be charged to notarize signatures on vote by mail ballot identification envelopes or other voting materials.
(e) For certifying a copy of a power of attorney under Section 4307 of the Probate Code the sum of fifteen dollars ($15).
(f) In accordance with Section 6107, no fee may be charged to a United States military veteran for notarization of an application or a claim for a pension, allotment, allowance, compensation, insurance, or any other veteran’s benefit.
So there you have it, Notaries! A 50% raise for almost all our services starting in 2017. We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

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