Notarizing in Medical Facilities

When notarizing for patients in a medical facility, you must follow all state laws regardless of any unique circumstances. Your clients must have proper ID, be cognizant and they must be able to sign their name or make a mark. It can be daunting working in a hospital, hospice care unit, or in an adult living […]

Certify This

” A client walked into my office with a picture of a birth certificate and asked that it be certified as a copy. Can I actually do this?” Traveling back to the basics, in order to notarize properly, a document must contain text that is signed by the document signer as well as notarial wording. […]

New Notary Law 2016 – Inmate I.D.

When identifying a document signer or credible witness, you may now use any form of inmate identification that is current or has been issued within five years that is issued by a sheriff’s department, if the inmate is in custody at a local detention facility. The new 2016 law in the California Civil Code section 1185 is different from the law […]

New 2015 Laws!

Greetings, hope your new year is going well. Please note that this is a second mailing as some members reported not receiving the first. There are two new laws this year that affect Notaries: 1) New wording has been added to Acknowledgment, Jurat and Subscribing Witness certificates. Effective January 1, 2015, these certificates must include the following […]