There are some simple reasons why notaries should create a Google Business Profile. From boosting accessibility to connecting better with clients, we explore the straightforward benefits that come with a well-maintained online presence. Here are some insights into how a Google Business Profile can make a real difference for Notaries in today’s professional landscape.


Why would a Notary want a Google business profile?


Enhanced Visibility: A Google Business Profile makes you more discoverable. Potential clients can easily find and contact you when searching for notary services in their area.


Trust and Credibility: Having a presence on Google lends an air of professionalism. Clients are more likely to trust a notary with a visible online profile.


Convenient Information: Your Google Business Profile allows you to share essential information like your hours of operation, contact details, and location, making it convenient for clients to reach out and engage your services.


Client Reviews: Clients can leave reviews directly on your Google profile, providing social proof of your credibility and reliability. Positive reviews can significantly impact your reputation.


Competitive Edge: In a competitive market, having a Google Business Profile sets you apart. Many people turn to online search when looking for services, and a visible profile puts you in the running.


Map Integration: Google Maps integration makes it easy for clients to locate your office, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your services.


Mobile Accessibility: With the prevalence of mobile searches, having a Google Business Profile ensures that potential clients can find you on the go, increasing your accessibility.


In essence, a Google Business Profile simplifies the client’s journey to find and choose a notary, making it a valuable asset for any Notary.


How do you make a Profile?


Complete Google instructions


Things to consider when creating your account.


Name of your Business

If you are a Sole proprietor using “Your Name” Notary public is probably a good starting point. If you do have a business name, consider if it conveys the service you provide something like “The Sign Guys” doesn’t immediately convey that you provide Notary services. Instead consider a name that incorporates the word Notary into your business name.


Choosing a Location

Mobile Notaries that provide general notary work usually do not have a brick and mortar location so do not feel pressured to give a physical address for your business profile. Select “No” if you do not have an office that customers can visit. 


Service Area

This is a great feature for Mobile Notaries. You can set the distance you are willing to travel from your location. When someone is using google or google maps to locate a Notary and they are searching within your service area you will pop up on their search. 


Contact Information

Set your email and phone number to ones that you use, it does not help you or your clients if you make a new email address for your notary business but do not receive notifications to your phone for quick response times. If you have a website, list it here and make sure it has up to date information, including travel fees and what is expected of the client at the signing. If you do not have a website, check out this article for information on who makes them for cheap or free


Maintain and Grow your Profile

Did your customer have a positive experience? Encourage them to leave a review on your google profile to gain traction and become the best reviewed Notary in your area!