We do our best to make this 2022 California Notary Practice exam mirror the real thing in every way. This is a 45 question randomized test. Once you press start a 1 hour timer will begin. 70% is a passing score and after completion of the practice exam you will get a percentage score and see all the questions graded. We hope this helps you pass your real CA notary exam. The best way to study is to take one of our 6-hour approved course with one of our expert instructors!

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2022 California Notary Practice Exam

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A Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness may be used for which one of these documents?

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Who is not allowed to assist someone with immigration forms?

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When accepting an ID card from another state, the ID card must have the following:

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Nat Notary is presented with a written request for a copy of a line item in her journal; for a Notarization she did a few months back. It contains all the information necessary to provide the copy. How long does Nat Notary have to provide a photostatic copy?

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If a non Notary assumes, uses or advertises the title of Notary Public in such a manner as to convey the impression that the person is a Notary Public in relation to any document or instrument affecting title to, placing an encumbrance on, or placing an interest secured by a mortgage or deed of trust on, real property consisting of a single-family residence containing not more than four dwelling units, would be found guilty of a _________.

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During their previous commission a Notary Public, had their commission suspended for becoming behind on child support, and they continued to advertise their Notary services online. They were charged a for the advertising violation. That was several years ago and now they would like to become a Notary Public again. When they apply to become a Notary Public what will happen?

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Why are two credible witnesses used instead of one?

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Who is allowed to select the notarial wording?

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Dan Withers works as a dispatcher at a police station. His employer asks him to become a Notary and pays for his supplies. Dan can do all of the following except:

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Stella just got married and she and her husband are buying a house in San Francisco. The deal closed earlier than expected and Stella has not received her new driver’s license with her new name, Stella Brown. Yet, their loan documents indicate her new married name. What can she do?

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What makes an acknowledgment authentic?

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A Commissioned Notary Public advertises their Notary services on their business card, they also advertise that they are a Real Estate Agent even though they are not and have never been a Real Estate Agent. What is the maximum penalty for this violation?

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A venue is legally required to appear on every notarial certificate. It is important because it indicates to the receiving agency the following?

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Angela Rochester is the CEO of Magnified Inc. She must sign a document in the capacity of her title and have it acknowledged. How can the Notary assist?

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A commissioned Notary Public completes a notarial certificate they know to be false. What would the Notary would be found guilty of?

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A California Notary Public can notarize the signature on an immigration form?

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A Notary Public is guilty of a _____ if the Notary Public willfully fails to properly maintain the Notary Public’s journal. Fill in the blank.

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You must be notarizing with a jurat certificate when you see the phrase

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What’s the difference between a jurat and an acknowledgment?

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Some on would be considered a  “duly authorized person” if they:

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Any person who solicits, coerces, or in any manner influences a Notary Public to perform an improper notarial act knowing the act is improper, including any act required of a Notary Public in connection with the Notary journal, is guilty of a _____. Fill in the blank.

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A Notary’s commission expires but a friend needs loan documents notarized. If the former Notary notarized home loan refinance documents without informing his friend that his commission expired, the former Notary would be guilty of:

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A Notary Public charges $15 for an acknowledgment. What does the Notary do with the fees collected?

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When requested to do a Notarization on a document written in a language the Notary can not read the Notary should:

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California Acknowledgment certificates must:

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A Notary Public charged a total of $45 for a notarization, $15 for an acknowledgment and $30 for a travel fee. However,
the Notary Public did not travel.  What is the maximum penalty for this violation?

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At what point does a Notary applicant become a commissioned Notary Public?

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A Commissioned Notary gets tired of writing so much in their Official Notary Public Journal and begins to stop writing all the required information, they will be charged with?

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Bob, Fred, and Joyce meet in a hotel lobby for the first time and after discussing the need to have their signatures on important documents notarized, approach Nat Notary. Bob is the signer of the documents and does not have his wallet with him because it was stolen. Fred and Joyce offer to vouch for Bob. What should Nat Notary do?

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An immigration consultant who is also a Notary may not advertise her Notary services. If in violation, the Secretary of State could:

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Samantha is sending a real estate document internationally and needs to have it notarized before requesting an apostille. The document was drawn up in Kentucky and has Kentucky Acknowledgment notarial wording included in the document. She brings it to Jessica a notary in Modesto and requests a notarization. Jessica should:

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 A commissioned Notary Public forgets to notify the Secretary of State of an address change. The Secretary of State imposes a penalty for this violation but the Notary refuses to pay claiming it was just an accident.  What is the penalty for refusing to pay a fine to the Secretary of State?

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To become a Notary Public you must:

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Every officer authorized by law to make or give any certificate or other writing is guilty of a _______ if he or she makes and delivers as true any certificate or writing containing statements which he or she knows to be false. Fill in the blank.

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An Acknowledgement indicates that:

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Which one does not need a thumbprint

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A document signer must use a “Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness” or “Subscribing Witness” when?

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Which of these statements is not true for a Notary who practices law without a license?

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The 3 types of satisfactory evidence are:

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It shall be a _____ for any person who is not a duly commissioned, qualified, and acting Notary Public for the State of California to assume, use or advertise the title of Notary Public in such a manner as to convey the impression that the person is a Notary Public. Fill in the blank.

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A person may sign with a “mark” in place of a signature if that’s the only way they can sign. To correctly execute such a notarization, the following must be true:

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If a Notary fails to notify the SOS about a name change or an address change, what is the penalty?

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One credible witness is used because a document signer:

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A California Notary Public who is also a bonded immigration consultant may Notarize an immigration document that they helped complete?

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A Notary stamps their official seal on a friend's birthday card, what is the maximum fine they can be charged for this violation?

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