COVID Restrictions Lifted from Notary Exams

This is an abridged version of the update: “Please find important COVID updates below.  In line with California’s reopening plan, CPS HR is following the state of California guidance for reopening; we are preparing to make the following changes: Physical distancing requirements and capacity limits are being eliminated.  Our regular seating requirements (2 per 6-ft or 3 per 8-ft table) […]

Women as Notaries

March…. kind of fell off the rails. It was women’s history month, but, as we all know, current events demanded a little more attention than history. Still, here at NPS, we saw it as an excellent opportunity to explore how women came to dominate the office of Notary Public, and we still wanted to share […]

Notary Crisis Update

As we continue to shelter in place, some of you may be wondering about how to proceed with your notary businesses and your notary commissions. The short answer is: follow regular state laws. New Notaries: The deadline for new notaries to file their oath and bond remains unchanged. Because most county clerk’s offices are closed […]

COVID-19 Notary Update

In the midst of this pandemic, we’re sure you’re wondering how safety precautions like “safer at home” will impact your business or your commission timeline. Here is the latest information we’ve received.  Response to the outbreak has varied state by state, with several making accommodations to allow for remote video notarizations. Such is not the […]

Ever Thought of Becoming an Alternative Legal Service Provider?

Working as a Notary Public is unique in that the job is connected to a number of different fields. One day, you could be helping a family close on a new house, the next you may be authenticating a signature to help a company involved in a merger, then, on Friday you might be helping […]

Confidential Marriage Licenses

     It’s Valentine’s day and we all know what that means— another excuse for card and candy companies to make lots of money on a manufactured holiday!!! …Well, yes, but, hopefully, love is also in the air! (…and who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?) What you might not have realized, though, is that […]

The Apostille and the Notary

The Apostille. You’ve probably seen this word floating around while performing your notarial duties. It was definitely included in your training as a notary. But, unless you’re frequently working with documents traveling outside the country, you might not be exactly sure what it is. According to California’s Secretary of State, an Apostille is a certificate […]

Remote vs Electronic Notarizations

As Bob Dylan sings, “The times they are a-changing.” Really, they’ve already changed. We live in a digital world. Aspects of technology and connectivity reach nearly every industry under the sun, including the work of a Notary Public. The impact of this change, however, is slow to make its way into the legal infrastructure that […]

Every Journal Entry is Important

  Document signers must sign your journal for each notarization even if they are signing ten identical documents. If you are notarizing each document that means you must complete ten journal entries that corresponding to each document. Loan signings are no exception. It is not enough to indicate “loan documents” under “Title of Document.” Notaries […]

New 2015 Laws!

Greetings, hope your new year is going well. Please note that this is a second mailing as some members reported not receiving the first. There are two new laws this year that affect Notaries: 1) New wording has been added to Acknowledgment, Jurat and Subscribing Witness certificates. Effective January 1, 2015, these certificates must include the following […]