In Person Notary Seminars

A notary is a public official commissioned by the Secretary of State who serves as an unbiased witness. Their duties include authenticating signatures, witnessing signatures, positively identifying signers administering oaths, and completing notary certificates. A notary may notarize anywhere in the state of California. Their term of office is for four years.

Our Notary seminar is approved by the California Secretary of State. You’ll learn California notary law, how to prepare and pass the exam, how to securely execute notarial certificates and how to deal with challenging signers and documents. Our seminars emphasize safe practices. Once you’ve taken our seminar, you’ll be prepared for our Become a Loan Signing Agent seminar where you’ll learn how to notarize loan documents.

To become a notary public, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • be 18 years of age or older (there is no maximum age set by statute)
  • be a legal California resident
  • complete a course of study approved by the Secretary of State
  • satisfactorily complete and pass a written examination prescribed by the Secretary of State
  • clear a background check

Northern & Central California

Southern California