Greetings future Notaries!

If you have not registered for a Notary seminar your account will be denied, please click here to register.

1. Create an Account

Please use the name and email address that you registered with for quicker confirmation.

2. Access Notary Student Section

Please be patient as a staff member confirms your registration.

Once you receive your confirmation email access the Notary Students Section below or select Dashboard from the top menu.

The “Notary Student” section has valuable resources like:

  • Sourcebook used in class
  • Study materials
  • Presentations
  • Practice exams
  • and more

There is no need to print the PDFs provided.

For in-person students – these are provided as an opportunity for you to study pre-seminar. Printing the PDFs yourself will not waive any materials fees that are required as part of your registration. Printed copies are provided in your seminar. email: with any questions.

2. Study!

Studying before your seminar will greatly increase your chances of passing the exam.

In recent years the exam has become more difficult. Try the pre-seminar lesson below then use the study guides in the “Notary Student” section to memorize Fine amounts and what is a misdemeanor and what is a felony.


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