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What is a Loan Signing Agent?

Loan Signing agents notarize loan packages. They are hired by loan signing agencies, mortgage, escrow, and title companies. They meet with clients, obtain signatures and execute notarizations. The Loan Signing Agent then sends the loan package back to the issuing party. Loan Signing Agents are paid a flat fee.

What do you learn in a Loan Signing Agent Seminar?

You’ll learn about each document contained in a loan package but particularly those that need to be notarized. You’ll also learn what not to do as a Loan Signing Agent as the role is limited. You’ll be given tips on how to keep the loan signing process going by keeping your customers focused. Our instructors will also give you practical advice about how to set up your office and advertising options.


You do not need to be a commissioned notary public to take this course, but you must take the Notary Public Seminar first. Ultimately, you must be a Notary Public with a current commission to be a Loan Signing Agent.

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